Mai Pen Rai River Tours

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Mai Pen Rai River Tours—-Buffalo Marina
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Home of the classic teak boat Mai Pen Rai, Almost Heaven

Mai Pen Rai River Tours——Mai Pen Rai Teak Boat
February 4, 2006, 12:30 am
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MPR2.JPEGThe Mai Pen Rai harbors at Pathum Thani next to Wat Pai Lom on a Buffalo Farm. Contact for booking information.

Cruise up the Chao Phya, it’s a big wide river up there. Up to River Noi, Bang Sai and Bang Pa In, stop in Bang Pa In to see a few sites, like the cable car crossing to an island monastery. Continue on up river cruising in and out of various water ways and islands formed by the Chao Phya to Ayutthaya…… around Ayutthaya, lots of directions and water ways surrounding the historic temples and ruins from the Burmese attack. Stop and visit as we please, eat where we please, do as we please—-Mai Pen Rai!!!!!
The above will take about 5 to 6 hours, then cruise back down the river in the evening air to Pathum Thani, stop along the way as we please. Arrive back to the Buffalo Marina around dark or as we please. Van waiting for a jolly ride back to BKK. Mai Pen Rai
1200 baht each, plus split the van cost, big cooler of ice and bottled water free, buy beer before boarding or advanced order. Contact 01-837-5501
The Mai Pen Rai

Length: 10.5 meters Width: 2.5 meters Engine: Izuzu 120 HP Speed: 12 knots

The vessel is the traditional Thai style working river boat. This style of craft has served many capacities along the Chao Phya River including: tow boat, ferry, service, sales boat for all types of merchandise. It’s a very sturdy balanced boat handmade of teak wood.

Seating: Full length bench with cushions, open air fully covered. Very good for observation and catching a snooze. Or swing from a hammock as you cruise the River of Kings.

The Mai Pen Rai is a comfortable teak hull boat in the traditional Thai style manned by a crew of three. The front has easy safe access. Mai Pen Rai maneuvers very well giving quick porting abilities for visiting shore areas.

Day Cruise An 8 hour day cruise is available touring the river area from Pathum Thani, Bang Sai, Bang Pa In and Ayutthaya returning to Pathum Thani. There are many canals and areas to visit in this area. During the cruise, ice, drinking water are provided free of charge. Delicious Thai food can be ordered along the way. Mini-van can be arranged, price not included.

9,600 baht for the Day Cruise 8 people….1200 bt each if over 8, 11 maximum

Overnight cruises are available, all of our tours are custom design, fit to your requirements. There are several fun accommadations along the river, let us know what you have in mind, we can suggest & arrangement to produce a relaxing, exciting journey.

Bang Pa In

Bang Pa-In’s number one sight is the Bang Pa-In Palace , also known as the Summer Palace. Originally built by Ayutthayan King Prasat Thong in 1632 but abandoned after the sack of Ayutthaya in 1767, the site was partially restored by King Mongkut (Rama IV) in the 1850s. The site as it stands today, however, is largely the work of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), who expanded the area into a Versaillesque garden filled with European-style buildings in 1872-1889. Last restored in 2001, the palace and its grounds are maintained in immaculate shape and well worth a visit. Entry 100B, open from 8 AM to 4 PM daily. The grounds are not too large to be covered on foot, but you can also rent a golf cart to scoot around in for 150B/hour. As at all royal sites, proper dress is required, but you can buy a 100B wrapwround skirt from the stall in front of the entrance if needed.


Founded by King U-Thong in 1350 within a bend of the Chao Phraya river, Ayutthaya was the capital of the Thai kingdom at its mightiest. Conquered and sacked by the Burmese in 1767, today only ruins of its splendor remain. Among Thai cities, Ayutthaya’s English name is probably the least standardized. Ayutthaya, Ayuttaya, Ayuthaya, Ayutaya, Ayothaya, Ayotaya, Ayudhya and even the Sanskrit original Ayodhya (usually referring to the Indian city) are all used.

Temples All the temples listed below are in ruins and no longer in active use, so no dress codes are enforced — although visitors are still requested to refrain from blatant stupidity like clambering up the Buddha statues. Most charge a 30 baht entrance fee, although enforcement is rather lax.

Wat Phra Si Samphet (Sri Samphet Rd) is the largest temple in Ayutthaya, known for its row of chedis (Thai-style stupas). Housed within the grounds of the former royal palace, the wat was used only for royal religious ceremonies. It once housed a 16-meter Buddha covered with 340 kg of gold, but the Burmese set fire to the statue to melt the gold and destroyed the temple in the process.

Wat Ratchaburana (Naresuan Rd) stands out for having a large prang recently restored to its original condition, clearly visible if you come in from the east. A major find of golden statues and other paraphernalia was made here in 1958, although much was subsequently stolen by robbers — the remnants are now in the Chao Sam Phraya Museum. You can climb inside the prang for nice views and a little exhibit. The mysterious staircase down, leads to two unrestored rooms with original paintings still visible on the walls.

Wat Phra Mahathat (Naresuan Rd), across the road from Wat Ratburana, is a large temple that was quite thoroughly ransacked by the Burmese. Several Leaning Prangs of Ayutthaya are still feebly defying gravity though, and the rows of headless Buddhas are atmospheric. This is also where you can spot the famous tree that has grown around a Buddha head.


Chao Sam Phraya Museum (Rojana Rd) is where you can find some of the Buddha heads that are so conspicuously missing at the sites themselves. Opened in 1961 and looks the part. Perhaps the most interesting displays are the golden regalia from Wat Ratchaburana, on the 2nd floor of Hall 1. Open Wed-Sun from 9 AM to 4 PM, entrance 30 baht.

Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre (Rojana Rd), across the road and to the east of the Chao Sam Phraya museum, is a more modern museum that tries to depict life in Ayutthaya with models. A good place to start or end your tour at 100 baht.

Mai Pen Rai Khlong Tours — The Magic Dragon
January 24, 2006, 8:28 am
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Thonburi Klongs

Khlong Tours  The Magic Dragon  The same style boat as Mai Pen Rai, this one is solid teak.  Equipped with full top, bench seating with nice soft cotton cushions.

The khlongs of Bangkok hold a host of magical experiences starting with cruising the river to choose a khlong to explore.  Inside is a full spectrum of housing styles from magnificent  villas to teak & tin leaning shacks.  Khlong life is lively with people on and off the river busy with work and pleasure, but always ready for a warm wave of friendship.  Wat Arun, Royal Barges Museum, multitude of famous temples, are to be seen.

You will likely soon forget the city roar of Bangkok as you glide through the tropical vegetation all along the khlongs.  Many agricultural products are harvested everyday, including a very large variety of elegant Thai orchids. 

Khlong tours vary in length, recommended is 6 to 7 hours for good relaxed exploring.  3 hours mimimum.  Ice, water and coolers are provided.  Many foods can be purchased along the way.

Khlong Tour……..800 baht an hour, up to 8 people

Mai Pen Rai River Tours
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1dog&boat1.JPGJoin Mai Pen Rai for fun exploring on the Chao Phya River and it’s maze of khlongs (canals). Exotic tropical flora and fauna intermixed with the history and culture of the Thai people and tangents that reach to many surrounding countries.


In The Moment — A Water Colour Exhibition at Amari Watergate
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In The Moment